Startup branded ‘The Google of Wine’ says it can help Oregon vintners

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After writing a weekly wine column for the Scottish publication The Herald for 14 years, running a wine shop and hosting ITV’s The Wine Show, British wine expert Joe Fattorini wants to make history with Pix, the world’s first online wine discovery platform, where he serves as managing director.

Consumers frequently rely on less-than-scientific measurements to pick their wine. Multiple studies on wine buying habits have revealed shoppers frequently purchase wine based on label. A 2017 study at the University of Adelaide found wine labels and cleverly-written descriptions had significant power to alter consumers’ emotional states, and that consumers often pay premiums for wines with better labels.

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Using an analytical search engine and reviews from trusted sources, the wine discovery platform will assist consumers in choosing the best wines for them every time they buy. If successful, Pix could offer a boat to Oregon’s wine industry, which he describes as “a small area that punches big” in terms of wine quality.

Fattorini discusses how the evolving technology of wine buying could put Oregon’s wine industry on the world’s radar.

How is Pix different from wine platforms currently available?

We started Pix because there really wasn’t a ‘Google’ of wine. There are ‘Amazons’ of wine — people who collect from different places, aggregate it and sell it to you. There are places where you can keep records on wine, but there was no one saying “Let’s see if we can capture the entire universe of wine on a website.”

We operate exactly the same way as Google. What our platform does is put you in touch with the people selling the wine you will enjoy. [We] have no skin in the game about where you buy your wine from, so our only interest is connecting our consumer to the wine they enjoy.

Managing this platform is the exact same job as managing a wine shop. We make sure everything is categorized in the right way and use merchandising to help people drill into their choices. We also pick out staff favorites. Our platform is based around giving the kind of human answers you would find in a wine shop. We have to write 350,000 wine cards that give descriptions of what the wine tastes like. Some of them we write ourselves, some of them we get a computer to write.

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